Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wow, look at the calendar! It's 2009!!

Hi there, normal people! How are you this fine evening? Yeah...

SO! I will catch you up on the last few weeks. The Sunday before Christmas, I started feeling More-Than-Average queasiness in the evening. And I thought, Oh no! Is my so-far-very-manageable "morning" sickness taking a turn for the worse? I went to bed and woke up within an hour knowing I had to vomit, which I preceded to do repeatedly and miserably for the next few hours. [Regretfully, the last thing I had eaten was some crackers and extra sharp cheddar cheese. And can I tell you? Vomiting extra sharp cheddar through your NOSE repeatedly is really, um... Not So Great.] And with the vomiting came The Other Symptom of Stomach Viruses Which Shall Not Be Named, in full force. And I realized, with great horror, that I was the leading star in an unfolding drama known as [drum roll]:


It was January 2005 all over again... the misery, the weakness, the inability to keep down even the smallest sip of water. Taking into consideration the fact that my gestational/lactational status required such a high consumption of fluids, I decided not to take any chances and hied myself (or, technically, Nate drove me) to our local ER, where I was given IV fluids and Happy Tummy Medicine and warm, snuggly blankets. And lo, just like Jan. 2005, the vomiting stopped after the Happy Medicine! But alas, UNlike Jan. 2005, The Other Symptom That Shall Not Be Named did not desist quite so quickly, so that right after they discharged me around 4:30, and I had to dress myself and go to the lobby to await transportation home... er, there were Problems. Embarrassing problems.

Let us never speak of this again...

Can I just say that hospital people are Really Cool? They were so very kind to me and let me lie down again after I was discharged to wait for Nate to come. And they brought me a drink and the warm blankets and let me rest. So the GOOD thing about this whole episode was that I got to see that the staff at the hospital where Baby #2 will most certainly be born are really all nice, kind, compassionate people [who can deal with The Liquid Sickness without batting an eyelash!]

So anyway, Tuesday night, the Chicken nursed to sleep as usual, and then right when I was about to leave her, she sat up in bed and threw up all her dinner (which happened to be ham and rice.) And you can probably fill in the details of what the next few days were like. (Christmas morning, she seemed fine. Christmas afternoon around 3 pm, she lost it all again!) And Nate got sick too, but thankfully for him, no vomiting. So needless to say, it was a rough week, what with all the laundry (!!!!) and the Listless, Miserable Toddler (who just wanted to nurse ALL DAY LONG) and the canceled Christmas traveling plans. But can I tell you how fantastically wonderful my husband is? He cleaned both bathrooms and watched the child so I could nap and ran to Walmart for stuff and generally took care of us all quite splendidly. Thanks, baby. ;-)

And then as soon as I got over The Virus, I caught a cold, which is currently on Day 21 or so of its l-o-n-g, ridiculously long duration. Although now I am no longer coughing and sniffling up buckets of green mucous- it's clear now, so that shows improvement, right?

[Can I just interrupt myself here to say I totally sound like an octagenarian telling you about my Maladies and Complaints? I am so very, very sorry about that. It's just My Life right now, you know? Next up: my gall bladder surgery!! With pictures and everything! (Kidding! Kidding. Ha.)]

And Madelaine and Nate both got the cold.

*THE END [of Maladies and Complaints]*

So we did get to visit both my family and our Lehigh Valley family and friends AFTER Christmas, which was lovely of course, and were showered with presents as always, including The Baby Carrier Of My Dreams!!

Thanks mom and dad!! You are too kind.

So now The Chicken and I are rather just in the winter doldrums, with HIGH temperatures in the single digits some days (yes, Farenheit!) Today at least it's sunny which is nice, and the snow is pretty, but still, I miss playground time and long walks in the stroller. Where are you, spring?!? Of course my husband loves the freezy-cold, and he got a chance to go skiing, which is great, so I'm happy for him. I just keep running out of indoor activities to do with my child...

Speaking of which, here are a couple of awesome pictures Nate's dad took at Thanksgiving:

Time to read more stories again...


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My toddler has just rubbed vodka sauce all over her hair. And I need a nap. Yet I blog! For you! Yes, you too!

Greetings, my gentle readers,

I am sleepy! Not hungry, having just eaten the most fantastic lunch prepared by my esteemed spouse. But sleepy! I have the Coffee. Perhaps this will wake me up enough to compose a blog entry for you. Yes YOU, you whom* I love, you who checks this blog EVERY DAY for updates... Wait, you don't check every day for updates? I guess we can still be friends.

[Interlude. Child has just vigorously filled her diaper, with love and squalor**. Will go remedy the situation.]

That's better. What, you heard me yelling at my kid for trying to stick her hands and feet in the poop? She's my baby angel and I love her, but the Rapid and Vehement Poop Zone Expansion Scenario?? UNACCEPTABLE.

Anyhoo, time to write something for you. So. I am pregnant! I have The Pregnancy! We covered that in the last entry, didn't we? I am 7 weeks now and Very Happy. I Eat and Sleep a lot. I had my first OB appointment already, and both the nurse and PA were like, "You're nursing while pregnant? You need to eat LOTS and LOTS of calories."*** Don't worry, people, I AM ON IT!! I'm trying to go to bed a little bit earlier these days, but sometimes it seriously seems like my toddler needs less sleep than I do. Yesterday I actually woke up Nate to keep an eye on her while I went back to bed for a bit... which was lovely. And he was so sweet to do it. Oh, can't talk about bed, I will be sleepy again...

Okay! It's time to write about What Not To Wear.

Love, Neb

*Are there any who vs. whom confused people out there? Yeah, it can be tricky. Want a tip? Use "whom" anywhere you would use "him" or "her" [objective case], and "who" anywhere you would use "he" or "she" [subjective case]. So in the phrase "you whom I love," it's tricky because the word order is kind of changed around, but try this: which sounds right, "I love him" or "I love he"? So that means "I love whom" is correct, or, turned around, "whom I love." You can't say you don't learn anything from this blog!!

**This is a literary allusion to one of my favorite authors, J.D. Salinger, and his short story "For Esme, with Love and Squalor."

***They didn't mean donuts, did they? :-( Actually, it's okay, during pregnancy I tend to crave things like Steak and Cheeseburgers and Pasta and other Main Dishes more than sweets... I mean not that I don't EAT sweets, too, but you know what I'm saying. Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that as I type this I am eating a piece of banana cake whose frosting is as tall as- nay, TALLER THAN- the cake itself. But this is only because my Real Food cravings have been satisfied by the phenomenal lunch, and I realized the cake would go well with my coffee...