Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hazy Dayz...

Greetings, loving audience!

I have been in my typical post-travel, post-holidays mental coma the past few days (is today Wednesday...? Is it really?) and also quite sleepy much of the time (I will cut out refined sugar in 2010!! I WILL!! Just watch me do it! Right after I make this last batch of chocolate fudge...) and now that I am sitting here typing this, I really don't know what I was going to say to you all today...? If anything at all?

And immediately after typing that, my two-year-old spilled her glass of milk in an impressive fiasco that managed to splatter the carpet (a lot), the chair, the baby swing, the Christmas decorations box, the wall...

My ten goals for 2010 have been printed as one or two word versions in blue marker and hung on the wall!! And writing in this blog is one of my goals!! So I am TOTALLY on task, right?

Time to make more coffee.

Did Eudora Welty start this way? Shakespeare? With all this non-writing writing? Did James Joyce wake up every morning and type "Time to make more coffee" before eventually pounding out Finnegan's Wake? James Joyce never tandem nursed two children who never slept at the same time, did he???

Okay, in closing this little nothing of a post, let's vote on what my NEXT post should be, huh? Options:

1) Ten things I hate that everybody else seems to love
2) My ten favorite ways to save money
3) Ten foods that are actually GOOD for you that actually taste good, too!
4) Ten cute pictures/ videos of my kids
5) (your own suggestion here!)

Thanks guys!
Love, Neb