Thursday, June 28, 2007

30 weeks- The Brief Version!

Hello! I am very tired now! I want to wash dishes and then go to bed! Well, I don't really want to wash dishes- I really just want to go to bed- but I love my husband, so I will wash some dishes for him, before he gets home from his conference.

Here are some pictures of me, 30 weeks pregnant.

I am very large now! In a couple of weeks, I will likely be Enormous!! Notice in the picture below that we can enjoy our neighbor's flowers, and our neighbor can enjoy our Green Pot of Dirt. That's how it is!
I weigh 158.4 lbs.
Tonight I bought this crib for our baby, from Target! And I put it together, myself! Then I artfully displayed the many gifts we've been given, so you could all see the Cute Baby Stuff. A couple of items didn't make it into the picture, so please don't feel hurt if you don't see your gift. It is muchly appreciated!

I have registered at Target! Go look it up. Planning to register at Babies 'R Us tomorrow. I am very busy! I have a long list of things to blog about! Someday, maybe!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Ongoing Saga: Showdown with the Electric Company: PPL strikes back!

So a week or two ago, I receive an email from PPL, stating that they have redesigned their website and in order to remain enrolled in paperless billing/ automatic bill pay, I must click on this link and follow these steps...

It also said, "You will need a copy of your most recent bill to re-enroll; click here to get one!"

Brilliant, people! Just brilliant! I just love to go through extra hassle in the name of convenience! I just love to get bills MAILED TO ME! That's why I'm a paperless billing customer in the first place!

So, I remembered that a year or two ago (Showdown with PPL, Episode 1), after the dust had cleared, I put our account number in Yahoo notepad, where I wouldn't lose it. So today I thought, maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can get this set up again without having to have the bill mailed to me.

So, I clicked on the appropriate link and dutifully created a new username and passwork ("must contain a character"- great! I'll never remember it! But maybe Firefox will remember it for me.) I selected a security question and answer. Then it emailed me and I responded to the email. Then I got the option to link an account with my username and password. Glitch: the account number must be 10 digits long. What I recorded in notepad was 9 digits. Try adding zero to the end...? I figured if it was wrong, it would tell me right away, right? I didn't get an error message! Woo-hoo! Maybe I am hooked up now.

Next screen: Log-in again. Okay. Next: No account linked to your username. Add an account!

Sigh. Why do I even try?

Yours always,
Irritated Customer

PS Beautiful Graphics, PPL. Well-done! Because you know what I love the MOST about online billpay is GOOD GRAPHICS! Not ease of use or anything like that!!!

UPDATED to add: HA HA HA HA HA!! I have outsmarted the system! I used the Secret URL Passageway from my earlier blog entry to find my log-in spot under the old system, then found my account number (there was a zero in front), amount due, and due date, entered them in the NEW system, then patiently reentered my bank info to sign up for automatic payments again!! YES!!

The point is: if no information has changed on MY end of things, but YOU decide to update your website with prettier graphics, you should not ask ME, the customer, to waste 15 or 20 minutes of my time looking up information that should be STORED IN YOUR DATABASE!! Do you see the point? You KNOW my bank account number! I've been a customer for years!

In a few months, we will move away from you, PPL. But if you didn't provide us with the sweet, sweet air conditioning, I would consider CANCELING YOU NOW and living in the dark! (Oh, and also, Caffeina-Starbuck can't run without you.)


Love, *VICTORIOUS THIS TIME* Irritated Customer

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

28 weeks- in which I am Very Busy!

This is me, pregnant!
This is the cool shirt I got at Salvation Army!
Note the water stains on the wall!
I have to write up solutions to 39 real analysis problems by tomorrow night!
Leaving for camp Saturday morning!

This is my Bump. It is growing. Last week I weighed about 153.0 (our digital scale went haywire and started giving me different readings each time I stepped on instead of its normal precision); this week I weighed 156.8. Yikes!!

It's probably all fluid, right?

This is my Cool Barrette. I wanted to show you!

I'll be back with a 30 week update after camp!

Love, Neb!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rich and Morgan's Wedding

We had a great time. I'll put the whole set somewhere like Flickr... once I figure it out. :-)

Love, Neb

PS For any of you out there who happen to be as technologically clueless as me- you can click on the pictures below to see them bigger.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Pictures of My Bathroom: or, Too Much Fun with a Digital Camera

This is my morning bubble bath experience. :-)

(Note I haven't photographed the mildew in the shower stall or the rust in the toilet bowl.) :-)

Love, Neb

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

27 weeks- PIctures from our digital camera!

Observe how my purse strap has to circumnavigate my Bump. Cute, isn't it?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Note to self

Next time, save 26 minutes of navigating annoying graphics-intensive, poorly designed website with multiple links leading to The Wrong Log-In Page and only one, hard-t0-find path to The Right Log-In Page: