Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hello...? Are these my hands...?

My child! With the not sleeping. Two nights. The fatigue! The crying! Coffee?

The new layout! Satellite! Is not spelled correctly. Sattelite? Sattellite? The Nebiverse and Her Little Satelite Revolving Celestial Body. Better! Planets graphic under banner? Won't stretch out properly! Blogger is Stupid.

Pediatrician today! Vaccinations! 5 of them. Ouch!
Donuts! Main carbohydrate of the postpartum lactating Nebiverse! SIGNIFICANT LACK OF NUTRITION!! Some have maize, some have cassava, some have rice, some have Wonder Bread. I have Donuts! Also? Coffee.

Child now Dozing on lap. Sleep when baby sleeps! But attempts to transition to sofa result in the waking. The Crying! Give it up. No hope. Sleep again when 45. Remember: not as bad as Real Analysis.
Goals for Someday Postpartum Life: buy a breadmaker and bake tasty homemade breads. Read everything CS Lewis ever wrote. Make a Christmas quilt for Vivian. Catch up putting photos in albums, ordering prints from digital. Grow some plants on the balcony and remember to water them. Write a long blog entry about the places I've lived. Write another letter to Madelaine. Write my Story.
Start over in the statistics book. Study some game theory and economics. Redo real analysis.
Give Shakespeare another chance. Start an exercise program and stick with it. Learn Greek.
Practice playing piano again. Review French and Spanish. Read books about art. Find out what made Jackson Pollack tick. Study Falling Water and look for insight.

Goals for Today's Postpartum Life: Put in my contacts. Brush my teeth. Wear something besides a nightgown. Eat something besides a donut. Be patient with my baby. Cherish every moment. Remember that they go by way too fast. Someday, I will sleep again, through the night, as long as I want, without a baby beside me, to cry, to interrupt, to wake me up.

Someday there won't be a baby beside me anymore.

I love you, Madelaine.

Love, Neb

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A little sleepy...

Greetings, patient readers. Today I am Tired because my baby would not go easily to sleep last night, and appears to only want to nap while nestled in my sling, which is not an optimal napping condition for me. That's okay though; I still want to keep her.

Could any of YOU guys figure out exactly what the tone of the post below was supposed to be...? Ironic? Witty? Tragic? Melodromatic? Heartfelt? It was a touching obituary, no doubt, but it was, after all, for a coffee maker. See, I must be all jaded in my sleep deprivation...

I just found out today that our free internet access from Lehigh ends Oct. 10th. *great weeping and dismay* What shall we do? I hardly thing signing up for DSL is prudent for an unemployed family...

Clearly, my updated design for this site is still in progress. I really find blogger very limiting in what is possible, but am too lazy to figure out how to get what I really want...? Will work on it more later. Now must flee to balcony for sunset/coffee/reading time (child happily resting in sling.)

Love to you all!!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Remembering Caffeina-Starbuck, 1997-2007

I remember going to Walmart my senior year of high school, picking you out from the rows of coffee-makers, cheap and expensive- deciding that the $12 one-switch model was good enough for me.

I remember stationing you on top of my mini refrigerator in Fisher, a bastion of comfort from home in a new and unfamiliar and, at times, unfriendly world. That year you probably made more coffee than any coffeemaker should, as I stayed up way too late night after night, talking to friends, talking to Nate, doing Real Analysis and Algebra homework. You were right beside me when I got the news that Rich Mullins died, when I cried from homesickness, when I came home late after getting my first kiss.

I remember storing you during the summers, packing and unpacking you carefully; I remember that fateful night when I took your decanter into the lobby of MacEvans, to share coffee with friends, and the door suddenly opened, cracking it. A replacement decanter, barely fitting, was purchased at the True Value Hardware in downtown Wheaton.

I remember moving with you into the little apartment in Wheaton, hoping you would finish brewing each morning before the train came. You moved with us in the little moving truck down to Atlanta, then in the bigger truck up to Pennsylvania.

You have seen me through every victory and crisis, every late night homework session and caffeine-reduction program, through tutoring, graduate school, pregnancy and childbirth. Time after time you didn't break when I turned on the switch after forgetting to add water, or left you turned on with your pot empty.

And now, your reservoir has cracked, so that water leaks out the bottom, rendering you unusable, so I've had to purchase a new sleek black-and-fake-chrome Black-and-Decker model for my brewing needs. But our ten years of life together- ten very significant years of my life- will never be forgotten.

:-) Love, Neb

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Because really, you just come here for baby pictures, not text, right?

A Big Girl dress for church today...

What are YOU looking at...?

I wear my baby in a homemade sling... because I'm a cheapskate...

Monday, September 03, 2007

40 Weeks: In Which We Achieve Completion!!

Today is my due date. :-)

If I were still pregnant, how big would I be by now? Maybe this is some indication:

Overall I think I'm pretty happy to have missed the last few weeks of pregnancy.

This should be a longer post, but it is now 10:57 pm and I have NO MILK PUMPED for tonight. (Bad! Very, very bad!) So here's the quick version: Saturday I had a lovely baby shower hosted by friends from my church, and Sunday we had Madelaine's dedication. To celebrate with us, Bethany and Eric made the long trip from Illinois, graciously picking up my brother Chris on the way, and my family (including Vivian!) came as well. Nate's family were also all at the dedication of course, and we all had a nice lunch afterwards here.

How about some pictures?

(This is Auntie Bizun reading The Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss.)

I weighed 153.8 this morning.

Goodbye, pregnancy! It was usually fun. And cool, even when it wasn't.

Love, Neb

39 Weeks: "Let's Catch Up to Reality, Why Don't We?" Edition

Yeah. 'Nuff said.